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Customer Reviews of the Miscellaneous

  • Sky Lift
    Sky Lift review

    This is the best lift on the market for price vs flexibility hands down! After a lot of research on lifts available this gives me everything I need and is safe and secure. If you want a 1 person lift that you can virtually do any repair or maintenance without a whole bunch of needed accessories and that takes up less space than a bbq grill, then this is it. The lift is very sturdy weighing in a over 100 lbs put together but is very balanced and easily movable with the bike mounted. The only "CON" so far is that all my family and friends want to just buy the pins for their bikes and use it! A simple word of caution i could give is if your bike is customized you must consider this was designed with "stock height and length" bikes in mind. With that being said my ZX14 is lowered 2 inches and stretch 8 inches over stock and the lift still works flawlessly. Since the bike is lowered i have to stand it up and set the pins into the swingarm pivot, then begin to raise the bike/lift about 2 inches so that i can slide the bar in that then straps to the swingarm. Mind you the bike never leaves the ground until its completely secured.


    Kawasaki ZX14

  • Front & Rear package 2
    Front & Rear package 2 review

    This is the greatest stand money can buy. I love this stand so much I can't even begin to tell you. The fact you can buy this stand once and use it for life with all your bikes simply by buying an inexpensive pin kit for your new bike is brilliant. I got the front lift kit as well which easily attaches to the swingarm spools that came with my bike and I can get both wheels off the ground quite easily if I need to. I've had bikes with center stands before and this stand is far more sturdy than even a stock center stand. No balancing acts, no worry about your bike falling. I can put my bike on the stand and leave it for as long as I want without having to check on it which I would do before with traditional paddock stands. Definitely the best accessory I've ever purchased for motorcycling. I adjusted my rear shock the other day while on the stand hammering away on my spanner punch without so much as a wobble. Try that with a paddock stand and see if you feel safe. If you don't have this stand buy it now.

    David, Usa

    2012 Kawasaki Z1000

  • Sky Lift
    Sky Lift review

    I have been looking for some kind of lift/table to allow me to perform easier maintenance/ fixing of my bikes without having to lie or kneel for extended periods on the floor. However, with limited garage space available it has been quite a struggle as almost all bike tables are too large. That is until I saw the Abba Skylift. With the Skylift I can now raise the bike off the floor a substantial amount, this is great when you change your own tires, or for detailing the bottom part of the bike. It also makes looking under the bike easy without having to lay on the floor. Simply changed adapters for different bikes are a synch to change out. And may be the biggest bonus (especially for those with limited space) is that once hoisted you can wheel you bike around (in any direction) and park it flush up against the wall or in a corner. Highly recommended product and Abba's customer service was great to deal with.

    Simon Darch, Spartanburg, SC. USA

    BMW S1000R, BMW K1300S, BMW R1200GS

  • Sky Lift
    Sky Lift review

    The abba Sky Lift is a brilliant concept...and the execution is impeccable and elegant. Once you have used the Sky Lift, the thought of using paddock and headlift stands seems archaic. The ease of motorcycle placement onto the lift should, in and of itself, persuade anyone who owns a motorcycle to give strong consideration to the purchase of abba Motorcycle Equipment products. Materials and fitment are outstanding. Instructions for assembly and use are complete and easily understood. For individuals who avoid assembling products for fear of becoming overwhelmed by scattered parts and hard to decipher instructions...rest assured that you will not only find all instructions and parts to be easily understood, concise and clearly labeled, but you will also find yourself feeling quite satisfied and fulfilled after having been empowered to successfully assemble your unit. The Sky Lift accommodates motorcycles of varying heights and geometry. The variety of vehicle position and placement provided by use of the Sky Lift is incredible. In fact, the variety provided by using the Sky Lift helps to meet just about any conceivable motorcycle owner's need whether the need is mild tinkering, in depth service/repair work, modification, cleaning/washing, or finding storage space solutions. The abba Sky Lift is nothing short of astounding. You can't possibly use this equipment without being impressed.

    Daniel Ibarra, Roanoke, VA, USA

    Ducati xDiavel S

  • Superbike Stand
    Superbike Stand review

    I had been eyeing up this stand for a while and I should've picked one up when I was back visiting family in the summer, so I contacted yourselves looking for US dealers.. None but was told look back in a couple of weeks for a US Web site, ordered on Thursday night (Friday back there) and to my surprise it arrived Wednesday morning, seriously quick, bike is up on it just now with the wheels off,this works so much better than the pitbull stand for this lump of a bike. If you're in the States and need an excellent stand don't be put off with international shipping, the stand the kit for the vfr and shipping came to $205, cheaper than ordering a pitbull(the only other option for my bike)and 5 days wait for it was quick. Just wish there was a front wheel lift kit but knowing how heavy the back end is I'm not surprised, thanks for all the help and quick replies to questions that I have sent.

    Andy Dignan , Spring, Texas


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