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Superbike Package 3

from $495.00
  • Combines 3 different products.
  • Buy this package and save $$$
  • Move your bike around with ease.
  • Quick and easy one person operation.
Pay in 3 intrest-free payments of $165.00
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The Superbike Package 3 will give you all the benefits of the Front & Rear Package 2, but with the added ability of being able to manoeuvre your bike around effortlessly!

All the features of the award winning Superbike Stand and Front Lift Arm combined with the ability to be able to move your bike around easily in your garage. This is the ulitimate package for safely moving your bike in confined spaces.

  • Buy together at this package price and save $$$

This package contains:

abba Superbike Stand - Full product details here.

abba Front Lift Arm - Full product details here.

abba Moto Glide - Full product details here.

abba Front Lift arm Wheel kit

Product Protected under various patent laws.


Motorcycle Press Comments ...

"Easy to use and rock-solid. For the price, nothing comes close in terms of usefulness."

Ride Magazine


"These stands are a real must, even if you only use the stand to hold the bike upright for cleaning it's worth the money."

Motorcycle News


 "Easy to use alone and your bike won't fall off it."

Ride Magazine


"Raise your bike with confidence. abba Superbike Stand lets you work on your bike without the fear of a fairing-crunching accident."

Motorcycle News


"This is a major boom, the main advantage of the abba over paddock stands was it's ease of use. One weedy person could easily and safely haul a heavy bike onto the stand. A paddock stand would have been a far trickier proposition."

Bike Magazine


Key Features of the abba at a Glance

  • Move your bike around with ease.
  • No modifications or changes to your bike required.
  • Will not scratch or mark any part of the motorcycle.
  • One person operation.
  • Very Stable and secure when in use.
  • Perfect for maneuvering your bike into a corner or tight area of the garage.
  • The Superbike Stand and Front Lift arm can be used on their own when the Moto Glide and Front Lift Arm Wheel Kit are not required.
  • Supplied with high quality castors (as used on our abba Sky Lift).
  • Can be left fitted in place all year round.
  • Suitable for over 300+ Models of motorcycle.
  • Superbike Package 3

    A video demonstrating the abba Superbike Package 3 which consists of the abba Superbike Stand, Front Lift Arm, Moto Glide and Front Lift Arm Wheel Kit.

  • Superbike Stand Instructional Video

    A detailed video showing how to assemble and operate the abba superbike stand.

  • Front Lift Arm Instructional Video

    A detailed video showing how to assemble and operate the abba Front lift Arm

  1. How do I Know if the package fits my bike?

    Use our drop down list above to select the correct fitting kit for your bike. If you don't see your bike listed we may still be able to help you. Use the "ask us" form for more info
  2. Do I need to modify my bike?

    Absolutely not! With the abba superbike stand your bike will stay totally standard, no modifications or parts to be fitted.
  3. Is it safe to leave my bike on the abba Superbike Package 3 long term - i.e winter storage?

    Of course! Thats what the package is designed for, you can leave your bike on this kit indefinitely. In fact if you do not use your bike for one day or one year the stand will keep your bike safe, upright, prevent unnecessary flat spots on tyres and compression on shock/fork springs (which occurs using paddock stands). It will also enable you to move the bike should you need to.
  4. Can I turn the bike around on the spot?

    Yes! Both wheels of the machine will be fully elevated off the ground and the bike can be moved into any position. It can be easily rotated 360 degrees on the spot. The bike will remain very safe and secure.
  5. My garage floor is not perfectly level, will this be ok?

    Your floor does not have to be screeded flat to use the Moto Glide. It will function normally on slightly uneven floors, however you should use the Moto Glide with caution on very uneven ground.
  6. Can I use the Superbike package 3 safely on my own?

    Yes. Like any tool a basic level of skill and understanding is required. This package is designed to be operated by a single person with ease.
  7. Can the abba Superbike stand be used on its own, without the Moto glide?

    It certainly can. With this package you have full flexibility, you can use just the Superbike Stand or Superbike Stand and Front Lift Arm together on there own for maintenance and cleaning. Then simply add the Moto Glide attachments when maneuverability is required.
  8. What do I do if I change my bike?

    You simply order a new fitting kit... most common kits cost $35. You can order either by telephone or on the fitting kit page of our online store. This complete package can be used on over 300+ different motorcycle just by changing the end fittings.
  9. I need to position my bike up against a wall. What is the overall width of the Moto Glide?

    The overall width of the Moto Glide is approx 32" wide.
  10. What is included in the price?

    The abba Superbike Stand, Front Lift Arm, Moto Glide, Front Lift Arm Wheel Kit & fitting kit if selected. Everything shown in our pictures & Video's. (Less the bike of course!)
  11. Does this product come with a guarantee?

    Absolutely! As with all abba products, and to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a full 3 year guarantee.
  12. How quick is Shipping?

    For full shipping information please see our Shipping information page.
  13. How can I obtain the product instructions?

    We have a page dedicated to product instructions this can also be found with other customer information under the "support tab" above.

    Product Protected under various patent laws.

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